About Us Posted on 01 Apr 10:34


Gonzalo Kosher-Organic-Natural Meats has a fundamental belief that every person should have access to an honest, natural and healthy source of kosher meat.

Our commitment to quality, service and consistency has never wavered, and we share this same devotion to our vendors and partners. With this high level of consistency and dedication, you will notice that everything you purchase from Gonzalo Kosher-Organic-Natural Meats is the highest quality available

Work Ethics

We specialize in the supply of natural, premium quality grass fed meat.

Gonzalo Kosher-Organic-Natural Meats is based in the city of Hong Kong. The quantity of products delivered to individual homes increases daily, based on our honest quality products, flexibility, dedicated customer service and work ethics.

We recognize that every family is different and so are their needs and specific requirements.

Gonzalo Kosher-Organic-Natural Meats takes the time to "get to know" our customers and tailor our products accordingly.